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About us

Our company

¿Who are we? What is Mindangos?

MMindangos is you. Well... maybe this sounds like a crappy slogan from the 80's...

We love to create, have fun and play with ideas. Popular culture, humor and geek references are always present at our work. Our designs are exclusive, impossible to find anywhere. Our authors are exclusive too, but you can find them unfortunately. We are creators and we want to dominate the world.

  • Completely exclusive designs
  • Safe shopping service
  • Fast delivery
  • T-shirts that will make you a 37% sexier (approximate)

Our team

We are all smiles

You guessed it: no, we are not these people from the image. After taking a team picture we decided that we could not appear with such angry faces. Damn it, who looks happy in a picture while is working!? Anyway, we are young and free. We have a llittle chimp as well, disguised as Keith Richards, who bring us coffee to the office.


Honestly, I'd prefer not to give my personal opinion.


Just kidding. These t-shirts are fucking awesome.

-Same Anonymous from the last comment-


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